2 More Articles about Feedback at CEO!

In recent weeks, partners and collaborators continue to write about our efforts at CEO to obtain feedback from those who matter most — our participants!

Here, Mogli SMS (who power our text message surveys through Salesforce) write about the power of a text message:

Mogli SMS: It’s Not Just a Text…It’s an Intervention

And here, Jehan Velji, Director of Program Strategy at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, discusses the urgent need for foundations, philanthropies, and nonprofit organizations to prioritize listening to beneficiaries, especially in the context of today’s uncertain social/political situation:

Jehan Velji: In Uncertain Times, We Must Listen to Those We Seek to Help



Getting Proximate to the Work

On April 5th, 2017 CEO staffers Christine Kidd and Nate Mandel (pictured below on right) accompanied three former participants (Luis Fonseca, Warren Sanders, Antoine Ragland — picture below in middle from left to right) to Boston, MA to attend the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) conference and discuss the experience of providing feedback to CEO. The session inspired multiple write-ups and blog posts throughout the “feedback community” and Twittersphere, which we link to here. Check them out!

Melinda Tuan from Fund for Shared Insight on Getting Proximate

Nate Mandel from CEO on Truly Listening